Uncategorized November 4, 2017

Herb Lack Paints The Greatest Hardware Store Ever

Herb Lack paints is a true Nyack institution. It has been in Nyack forever . It is a family run business and when you walk in you are greeted as one of their family.There is never a question that Joe can’t answer. Many times I will come in with a problem to solve, and Joe will stop what he is doing to help. Best of all he is the best key maker in Rockland County. I have never had to come back for a remake, as a Nyack Realtor this alone is a blessing.As you stroll the aisles you will see items from different eras, but here in Nyack with its Victorian homes these items may just be what the doctor ordered, Herb Lack also carries a full line of Benjamin Moore paints which is great so I don’t have to drive out to the highway. So if you need something for your home or just want to see a friendly face stop in and see Joe at Herb Lack Paints.